TAke your next step!

Put your trust in Jesus

God designed us for a personal relationship with Him and healthy relationships with each other. The greatest first step you can take is to receive the love, forgiveness, and relationship Jesus is extending to you today! In order to experience the grace that brings you into relationship with God, you must put your trust in Jesus and begin to follow Him.

Get Baptized

The word “Baptize” means to be immersed into something.  Christian baptism is about being immersed into Jesus. It is something supernatural that God does. When we put our faith in Jesus, God immerses us into His death & resurrection . All our sin is transferred to Jesus and paid for by His’ death on the cross. All Jesus’ righteousness is transferred to us and we are raised to a new life in Him. Baptism is a decision to be all in with Jesus. Baptism is to faith what a wedding is to marriage. It’s a declaration that our lives are forever wrapped up in Jesus . We are publicly committing to follow Him fully and forever. No turning back. 

Abundant LIFE Class

The Abundant LIFE Class is where we encourage everyone to start. It's a four-week class offered after services on Sunday that will help you dive into the four fundamentals of living the abundant life Jesus promised.  Week 1 is all about being Loved by the Father. Week 2 is about finding our Identity in Jesus. Week 3 is about being Filled with the Spirit. And Week 4 is about how to Engage Your World in Love. Lunch and childcare are provided. Click below to learn more!

Build a  Sunday rhythm

There is no better way to experience God's love than to start hanging out with His family! Join us in-person for our weekly worship service! We gather every Sunday morning at 10am for an intimate worship experience and an impactful message rooted in Biblical truth and God's love. We've got a great Kids Ministry and a free lunch is always provided So plan on hanging out after service. 

Come serve with us

One of the most important steps we can take in our spiritual lives is to start serving others. It gets our focus off of ourselves and helps us experience the reality of God working though us to help others. We have lots of places during the week and Sundays where you can get plugged in and use your gifts. 

Find a home gathering

Authentic Community is where life-changing growth actually happens. Shepherds lead small groups we call Home Gatherings all over the county every week. This is an awesome time to grow in relationship with others, sure, but our groups go way beyond casually hanging out.  In our Home Gatherings, you can...
  • Grow in your understanding of God's Word.
  • Find a mentor and build a discipleship relationship.
  • Learn about your spiritual gifts and how to use them.
  • Heal from past hurts in the context of a loving, safe family.

Keep learning & growing 

Everyone learns in different ways. Some are visual learners. Others need to hear it. Others still need to have a hands on experience. From podcasts to sermon videos to reading through the Bible in a year, here is where you'll find the perfect resources to help you grow in the abundant life Jesus promises!