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Discover what makes The Gathering different.

Every church is as unique as the people in it. Our name "The Gathering" is based on the Greek word for church "ekklesia" which simply means "a gathering." It conveys the idea of a group of people you belong to rather than a place you attend. At The Gathering it's not about buildings or programs, it's about people. It's about US, it's about YOU! 

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Abundant LIFE Podcast

The Gathering Church Podcast provides  conversations with members of the congregation aimed to help you live the Abundant Life Jesus promised.

Message Archive 

Life shaping, Biblical teachings from our pastors available for you in both video and audio only!
Watch or listen on the go.

Abundant LIFE Blog

The Abundant Life blog provides hope and answers to some of life's most difficult questions so that you can experience the Abundant Life Jesus promised.
We want everyone to experience the abundant, eternal life Jesus promised.

Gather With Us

A Community where you can belong, not just attend!

Here at The Gathering we want to ensure that  everyone can experience the fellowship, worship and Biblical teaching needed to keep our faith in Jesus strong.  We believe this is more important now than ever!

With this in mind, we provide a variety of options for you to choose from. For example, you can gather virtually as part of our online community. You can also gather with us outside on our patio (with social distancing). Or, if you're comfortable, you are welcome to gather with us for worship in the sanctuary. 

Let's Make A Difference Together

The 1st Sunday of Every Month We Go Out & Serve Others!

Opportunities to serve others in our city abound! Our goal each month is to find those opportunities, increase awareness to that particular area of need, then make serving that need available to everyone, regardless of their age or ability. God can use whatever you have to offer Him; time, talent, or treasure. Serving others so they can experience the abundant, eternal life that Jesus promised!

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