abundant life class

Session 1

Loved by the Father
Understand what it means to be loved unconditionally, sacrificially, eternally and faithfully by the Creator of the universe. It's only when we know the love of God for us that we can share His love with others.

Session 2

Identity in Jesus 
God originally created us in His image. But sin has ruined our true identity. Jesus came to restore our  identity as  children of God. Learn about who you really are in Jesus and how being in Him will change your life!  

Session 3

Session 4

Filled With The Spirit
Just like a lamp won't work without being connected to a power source, in the same way the Christian life doesn't work without being filled with the Spirit. Learn how to be Spirit filled and Spirit led. 
Engaging The World
We believe that everyone experiencing the abundant life will also be sharing that life. Learn about your spiritual gifts and how to use those to bless everyone in your God-given sphere of ministry.