The True Temple

1 Kings 6:14 & 38 – So Solomon built the temple and completed it… He had spent seven years building it.

With all of Solomon’s unparalleled wisdom, his most significant accomplishment by far was the building of the temple. It took Him seven years to build and nothing came close to comparing with its impact on the nation — not the wealth he amassed, the alliances he formed or the military built. That’s because the temple became the focal point of God’s connection with His people. Beside being the most prominent and central building in Jerusalem, it was also where sacrifice for sin was made, forgiveness granted and reconciliation with God achieved. It was the tangible place where people could find access to God’s grace. Finally, it was the place where people could come worship God and celebrate His goodness. And if they ever strayed away from God, it was where they could return and be restored. 

In John 2:19 Jesus said, “Destroy this temple, and I will raise it again in three days” A couple verses later John tells us, “But the temple he had spoken of was his body.” What Jesus did by dying on the cross and rising three days later was to make Himself the focal point of our connection to God. By making the ultimate sacrifice for our sin, He now grants us forgiveness for our sins and reconciles us back to God. He is now the one through whom we have access to God’s grace and how we can now worship the Father in spirit and truth. And if we ever stray away from God, all we have to do is return to Jesus and He will restore our relationship with God the Father. Just like the temple became the hub of the life in Israel, Jesus should become the one our lives are centered around. 

What has your life been centered around lately? Where has your focus been?
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