Seeing Jesus in the Grain Offering

Chapter 2 of Leviticus describes the grain offering. It consisted of the finest flour mixed with olive oil and incense and could never contain yeast or honey. This offering points to Jesus who lived a perfect sinless life, was anointed with the Holy Spirit and was always a pleasing aroma to the Father. In contrast to the burnt offering, only a handful of the flour was to be burned, the rest was to be given to the priests in order to further the ministry. Jesus also referred to Himself as the bread of life. This sacrifice is a reminder that we receive our spiritual nourishment, our daily bread from Him. This spiritual nourishment is what gives us the strength to minister to those God will bring across our path today.

Will you sacrifice a small portion of your day to spend time with Jesus and trust that it will provide nourishment for your soul the rest of the day?

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